Monday, April 15, 2013

Pledge to build new Pakistan

After making rapid increase in its conventional weapon capability, Pakistan has become the 5th nuclear power of the world. There is also no gainsaying the fact that Pakistan is a strong country in respect of defence.

To increase capacity of conventional weapons is also prerequisite for us. Because Pakistan is fully aware of the fact that there exists a country in its neighbourhood with whom it had fought three wars in the past. Had Pakistan not taken steps to strengthen its defence capability, the Jewish lobbies would have overpowered it long before. Today we are the 5th nuclear power of the world which is of course a matter of pride for us. We have abundance of all kinds of resources. But still we have to confront a worst economic and political debacle in all the times. The country where a labour goes to bed with empty stomach cannot make progress and development as compared to the other developed and progressive states of the world. It is due to this reason that today the future and existence of Pakistan has become a question mark in the eyes of all of us. Almighty Allah has bestowed all his blessings upon Pakistan. But in spite of all these blessings and gifts we are living in a state of slavery and servitude.

Therefore we are unable to view and judge the beauty, charm, the mantle and spiritual capability expanding in our surrounding. Pakistan is the fifth biggest nuclear state of the world fully equipped with the mettle of scientists and engineers. But in spite of all such blessing my countrymen are passing through a state of darkness and ignorance.

Similarly as mentioned earlier, we have become the 5th nuclear state of the world. But people have no access to the basic amenities of life. Not only is this but we have also become the 6th biggest military power of the world. Due to our exceptional technical capability we have become a cause of fear for the rest of the countries of the world. There exists enough capability and cavalry in our youth to face all sorts of challenges of the world but sorry to say that we are at war with our own people on our own land. Again Pakistan is an agricultural country we can yield and produce enough quantity of wheat and maize to export to other countries of the world. But very sadly to say we have to confront an acute food shortage in all the times.

Besides our gas reservoirs stands 6th in Asia. We are enriched with gas reservoirs but still the excessive load shedding continues unabated for the domestic and CNG consumers. So we are compelled to import gas from Iran on exorbitant rate so to fulfil our needs and demands.

Moreover vast reservoirs of gold and copper at Ricodac in Baluchistan have been found. Its value has been estimated in billions. But ironically we are running our domestic affairs by taking huge tranche of debt from IMF and World Bank. The gold mine in Balochistan is stated to be 5th in the world. But still the gold prices have jumped up with alarming proportion of 65000 per Tula.

There also exist vast reservoirs of oil and gas in Pakistan. According to available estimate the reservoirs of oil are billion barrels while that of gas is trillion cube/feet. But in spite of all these the petroleum prices have touched the highest point. Then the canal system of Pakistan is also considered to be the best in the world. It is the largest in the world territory-wise Pakistan is 1/3 of Russia but its canal system is bigger than Russian one. Every year million cusec of our water get wasted by falling down in Arabian sea. We have no water for our irrigation but India is hell bent to withhold Pakistan share of water thus causing water crises for Pakistan.

Tourism can be proved a major source of our income generation. There exist ample opportunities of tourism. We have even more beautiful and scenic spots and resorts of tourism than Switzerland. But in spite of all, the influx of tourist is less than other countries of south Asia.

Now the question arises that why did it not make any progress and headway in its economic spheres despite enriched with huge natural resources. The per capita income is less than 2 dollar despite having immense potentiality and capabilities of resources and manpower generation. Excessive power outage has become a routine matter. People are compelled to commit suicide due to extreme poverty and starvation.

Pakistan is no longer a poor country. Plunderers and looters are busy day in, day out to plunder its wealth with both hands but still the country survives and alive in the comity of the nations. The people of this land are work hard. They work up to 12 hours a day. But in spite of all we have remained far behind in the race of progress and development as compared to other countries of the world. It is also echoed and feared that sooner or later Pakistan will go toward disintegration due to its worst economic and political instability. If we can become nuclear power, then we have also the potential to acquire economic strength and stability and come at par with the other economic tigers of Asia. Obviously, Pakistan economy is at the brink of total collapse. Now the time has come to get rid of all those elements that are bent upon to loot and plunder its wealth by both hands. In order to achieve this particular objective we all have to exercise of our right to vote in a right direction. Let us pledge to purge this pure land of Muslim brethrens from the clutches of feudalism and capitalism only through vote in the election to come. It is the only available outlet which can steer our people of this quagmire once and for all.

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