Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retronomicon 01.12.11: Super Mario Land

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the best retro column to have ever been opened on your browser in this particular second, the Retronomicon. As ever I am your host Lee Price and this is the usual spiel about how I'm going to show you the best that old school gaming has to offer. And I am. As for my current school gaming, it has almost exclusively been taken up by my apparent desire to play Final Fantasy VII through to completion. I haven't had as much time as I would like to dedicate to my gaming this week, but what I have had has been used by over-leveling my party and busting through FFVII for the umpteenth time. I do adore the game, regardless of the arguments that seem to rage around the title in regards to its quality in comparison to other games in the series. I'm loving it all over again anyway. So much so that I have literally played nothing else all week. The rest of my time has been spent working and making my way through a bunch of films that I picked up the other day. Anyway enough of that nonsense, because I believe its about time we got to the...

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